Build From The Roof is a creation space whose priority is to respect the spiritual quality of each project. It is a place that you can afford to close the doors of the operating room to treat each new objective marked as a birth, which always brings unique and irreplaceable beings. There is never more than one project underway, nor will there ever be. Each one has his tempo, needs and means to respect. Basically, this space is born for people who want to create and are afraid of a lack of empathy and details. People who want to find a space that does not check them out at the time of the consultation, that do not receive generic messages of support, nor receive an answering message when it is already 20:01. Works with soul are created here, and they are worn in shoes, tracksuits and pajamas. And the most important thing is that, first, ours connect, to create those works that acquire a unique identity.

I'm Joecar Hanna, a filmmaker and editor, who among other things, enjoys creation in its wide spectrum, without boxing in its formats. It makes me look for concepts and find the formats that best count them. If they have a risk point, better.
I have recently been selected to study the prestigious NYU film master's degree in New York this 2020.
Generally I have directed, edited and written the works that you can see here and others of a more nutritional nature that do not fit in this space.
I have edited some feature films (the last one being one of the editors of El Desentierro) and directed a long documentary fiction, La Otra EducaciĆ³n. Apart from that, I have done many things that would put everything in the millennial multitasking bag that defines us as a generation. Agency creative; screenwriter; various cameos; creator of performances for some show ... and music in vein. Many of those creative facets I have been able to develop in my musical project We Used To Pray, such as producing and composing the latest album, which you can enjoy on the main platforms, direct audiovisual content and build the live show. I had a great time, and when I'm not at it, I dedicate myself to giving the coconut to create projects like yours that meet your level of demand. I'm not the best, nor the weirdest, nor the craziest, but maybe something of differential value will bring you.
Try me!