Slide Slide MAKING OF

Slide "Mate, I want a different promo for my movie. Something powerful that values the work done"
"How about creating mini pills
of making of that explain very fast and with a devilish speed what happened ?.
Playing with the montage. Without words, without voices or labels.
Great! But short?
Yes, one minute chapters. And we play scattering powerful seeds instead of a long piece. The movie is already powerful. You don't need more power.

“Making Of” and Editor of the film
Joecar Hanna


Slide Slide QUADROPHENIA Slide "I have designed a collection of 4 jackets.
"They blow me away. Let's give each one the story they deserve."
"The collection is called Quadrophenia, by the way."
"I have it.
One character, four days, four lives, four different jackets. Each one will represent an alter ego of that character ”.
But to stand out, in addition, they will be like a superhero costume,
but in reverse. A cape with which the character releases his darker faces.
"Uh, I like it. Four costumes to release your evil without being judged ”

Executive Producer - Steven Valcárcel
Director - Joecar Hanna
Cinematography & Grading - Carlos Pérez Gascó
Camera Operator - Richi Granell
Screewriter - Richi Granell, Steven Valcárcel, Joecar Hanna
Music & Sound Designer: David Doubtfire
Costume Designer: Steven Valcárcel
Make Up Artist: Alba Grau
Voice-over: Cristina Cebrián
Translation: Tom Jackson
Adían Álvarez Lazaro, Paula Usero and Cristina Cebrián.


Slide Slide LA INVITACIÓN Slide "We don't want the typical invitation video. We want something that conveys our essence and our origins."
Do you think you can record it in the place where the wedding will be?
"Sure! The space is spectacular. We will be surrounded by mountains, forests and a lake.
The supporters have to understand that our wedding will be very beast. "

"Okay, okay ... well we will make it fucking epic. Your invitation is going to be a fucking trailer. "
“We are going to hype the fucking clouds.
You (in wedding dresses), going through the woods, running through the mountains and into the lake.
We will show the difficulties of the way to reach that place that you have chosen for all.
"Really? Do we have to put on the wedding suits? ”
Yes, it is vital.
Slide Crew:
Director & Editor - Joecar Hanna
Cinematography & Grading - Carlos Pérez
Sound Designer - David Doubtfire

Sara Bueno
Carlos perez

Slide Slide LA OTRA EDUCACIÓN Slide We have 3 very powerful stories and we need someone to tell it.
What is it about
"A village in Cameroon of 100 women raising all their money so that a single child can go to school each month.
A family in China, strict to the core, and imposing impossible rhythms of sacrifice.
A French family that educates their children at home, outside the system, in Spain.
“The first feature film that I'm going to do. How do you expect me to say no to something like that?
Producer - Carmen Pellicer
Director & Editor - Joecar Hanna
Cinematography & Grading - Carlos Pérez
Music & Sound Designer - David Doubtfire
Focus Puller & Camera Operator - Richi Granell Ferrer
Screewriter - Carmen Pellicer

Official selections:
- Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival (2019)
- Invisible Bilbao Film Festival (2019)
- Docs Valencia (2019)
- Benevento Cinema e Televisione Festival (2019)
- Ponferrada Festival (2017)
- Directed by Women Festival (2017)


Slide Slide LAIKA, PRETEND! Slide Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the other side of a burial?
What do you mean? Like ... look through pain?
Rather to look at the secrets that are hidden under all those faces of pain. If we could see it, would we see the same funeral?

Director & Editor: Joecar Hanna First Assistant Director - Estefanía Mora Producer - Mariano Bascuñana
Cinematography & Grading - Carlos Pérez
Costume Designer & Art Director - Steven Valcárcel
Art Assistant - Laura Granell
Make Up Artist - Alba Grau
Production Manager - Víctor Ballester
Production Asssitant - Jose Manuel Escudero
Second Assistant Director - Marta Nebot
Third Assistant Director - Victor Soriano
Maria albiñana
Ernesto Pastor
Adriano Castro

Slide Slide PACHAMAMA Slide "I want to criticize the destruction of nature."
"Ok. Well, we are going to reflect a post-apocalyptic world in which the disappearance of nature places us in an already uninhabitable world.
Extreme conditions, contamination ... etc. "
"Paints well!".
"A world in which humanity judges nature for existing and for being the cause of our ills.
The scenario would be so absurd that the water would be blamed for the floods
and the fish would be responsible for bringing trash to the coasts. "
A dystopia.
The sad thing is that it is not so dystopian.

Slide Crew:
Director, Edition, Screenplay - Joecar Hanna
Executive producer - Enrique Peydró
Production Manager - Victor Ballester
Cinematography & Grading - Carlos Pérez Gascó
First Assistant Camera - Richi Granell
Script - Guiomar Urrea
Art Director - Arancha Rodríguez
Make Up Artist - Marga Ferreira
Make Up & Art Assistant - Eukene Albiñana
First Assistant Director - Martín Crespo
Production Assistant - Alex Estarlich
Production Assistant - Michel Ibáñez
Production Assistant - Ben CM
Laura Rodriguez Grace
Jose Vicente Bosch
Roberto Noguera
Pedro Luis Sabatell
María José Rodrigo
Antonio Barroso
Duarte Liz Touza
Additional features:
César García, Sandra García, Edgar de Benito López, Nico Castillo, Rosa María López, Paula Giménez García

Slide Slide CITY WALLS Slide I propose. Why don't we create a human forest?
I want to use an element as basic as a forest as an example of what an ideal society is.
Describe that society.
A society in which gender is blurred. And love flows without distinction. The trees are all the same, but unique at the same time.
I see.
And not only that. It would be a metaphor for how we destroy ourselves when something does not fit with our believes. When we don't tolerate other people's way of thinking.
You want to add some destruction.
Yes, how we burn the forest, as a symbol of self-destruction. How we self-inflict obstacles that limit and hurt us, rather than help us grow. 

Director, Edition, Screenplay - Joecar Hanna
Cinematography & Grading - Carmen Fortea
Production Manager - Paula Collado
First Assistant Director - Estefanía Mora
Make Up Artist & Costume Designer - Laura Urbina
Art Director - Alvaro Orfila
Director of Choreography - Rocio Tuset and María Martí
Special Effects: Ignacio Álvarez
Drone Operator: Marc Llinares


Slide Slide MUEVELOREINA Slide What is love?
Poof, what a question. 
It is easier to talk about what love is not.
Clearly. In 5 it would be easier.
And love, can't be toxic 
What happens when it is?
That we lose our identity. And even more when we just fuck to cover up the problem.
Again and again.
Yes, until we no longer recognize each other.
Slide Crew: 
Director, Screenplay - Joecar Hanna
Executive Producer - Carmen Sirera
Editor - Joecar Hanna, Carmen Sirera, Estefanía Mora
First Assistant Director - Estefanía Mora 
Director of Photography & Grading - Carmen Fortea
Art Director & Costume Designer - Aurora Canos 
Art Assistant - Reyes Mora 
Make up Artist - Gala Phillipe
Make Up Assistant - Sandra Rigby 
Focus Puller - Pablo Martínez
Gaffer - Lluís Moreno
Gaffer - Alberto / Llum Studios 
Steadycam - José Luis / Vortice Media
Steadycam Assistant - David Avalos
Graphic Designer - José Jiménez 
Actor & Choreographer - Iván Colom 
On-set stills - Luis Beltrán
Thanks to:
Mueveloreina, Helsinkipro, Turia Beer